Monday, October 13, 2008

early control room

Just to prove ive been doing something... Here is an early beginning to the control room for the "Revival Planet". Its been alot of trial and error and sketches and rip ups just to get it to here. Its a tedious process but hopefully one that pays off.

between this and my motion graphics class... which has become quite tedious for me... im working a fast as i can i suppose... i just wish i had more time or could move quicker.

Monday, October 6, 2008

domain names galore

so... in preparation for future officiality... i bought two domain names today...


There isnt anything at them yet... they are just parked... but soon i hope to have glorious pages residing at them!

Completed Storyboard

I finished storyboarding. You may notice that i got lazy and never finished making a digital version of each shot... but just deal with it. :) anywho, now i am modeling the "control room" environment. i think its comin along well. I am also trying to get my thesis committee together. (more on that when i get yes's and ok's)