Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 weeks of... BLANK

I haven't posted in two weeks... that is because i haven't done anything really in two weeks...

in fact... i have hit a annoying snag in the form of one of my professors. He feels that i and my fellow students have no idea what we are doing... we just "think" we do. So long story short, i may be in a rut until this class is over.

It is incredibly frustrating...

So i apologize for no major update right now... when serious work is allowed to continue on my thesis... i will be able to show you more substantial stuff.

In the mean time... i hope the following will interest you. This is the walkcycle i created for the original EMO character.

[NOTE: I usually just animate other pre-made characters. But for this, I designed, modeled, textured, rigged & animated this character... as i will most likely do for all the characters and objects in my thesis]