Monday, April 6, 2009

Possible Composer

So, as many know... i have a small ambitious streak. I like to try things that others might consider a bit bigger than i need.

One of these things is having original music for my Thesis Film. I really want it!

So i took a leap and contacted a composer that i think has great work, Chris Haigh. I didnt really expect a response but i figured it couldnt hurt. Well, i was pleasantly surprised when he got back to me.

Long Story, short... He is interested in working with me but we need to iron out some details before we figure out if i can even afford to have him score original music for REVIVAL (yes, im still sticking with that title) so i guess this is just another reason to get an animatic together and a mood set for the film...

but im very excited! just thought you should know!