Thursday, November 13, 2008

Positions im looking for

This entry is more for me to remember... BUT...

People and positions im still looking for. (Credit will be given and some payment can be worked out as well...)


[towards the end, i will need "screeners" to run my footage by to make sure the film is working... you may think this sounds easy, but it require some serious feedback of what works and what doesnt for you. If you think you are up for it... toss your name in the pot for consideration :)]

[I will need a headshot for the press packet and i dont have one yet. So if you are up for taking some professional pics of "yours truly" throw your name into the bucket]

[for obvious reason... the film will need sound... and good sound at that... no cheapo stuff here]

[Do you like to make original music... then this could be for you!]

3D / Animation:

[I Need a RIGGER for my 2 characters. ASAP(this person needs to know Maya)]

[It is still early for lighting, but i will most likely need one to give my film that extra something]

[this is a maybe... as i am doing the textures right now... but if the look doesn't go over well with my committee then it could change]


[I would like to commission someone to make concept art up for the film so i can give others an idea of the look (i can see it in my head but others cant)... this person would be provided with reference but also given freedom to improve or enhance my ideas and the possible look of the film]

[Once again... this is not an immediacy just yet, and i may already have someone taking care of this for me... the look must get locked before this happens]

[I have completed preliminary storyboards but if someone really shows interest i would love to see someone else take them and make some really nice looking boards. In animation, you can never have enough detailed information going into production]

that is it folks...

Remember, if you... or someone you know is interested in any of these positions send me a note and we will start a dialogue. I will need to see examples of your work also. thanks!